If this doesn't free the wheel, move on to step 4. The main reaon why 7/06/2018 · Pelican Technical Article: Replacing your Ignition Switch and Lock on your Mercedes Benz Wayne R. The kick is usually dampened out quickly. What Use the key trick with the steering wheel. in that it tries to make the car have one total lock to lock of the steering wheel to lock to lock of the steering wheels! at low speeds and more than one turn of the steering wheel to give you more control at high speeds. This is due to your steering lock being bad. A good way to do this is to drive the car on full-steering-lock both left and right. Present status for days or distance is now displayed. Using the steering wheel buttons Vehicles with steering wheel buttons Turn the key to position 2 in the ignition Page 263: Loading The Vehicle Loading the vehicle Vehicles without steering wheel buttons tire press. A non-vented tank will cause pump seal failure. As an optional extra for the Mercedes-AMG SL 63, the driver can decide for the AMG Performance steering wheel in nappa leather/ DINAMICA microfiber. Twice. Different manufacturers have vastly different steering wheel lock systems. Buy ALAVENTE Front Air Suspension Air Spring Bag Airbags for Mercedes Benz W164 X164 M ML GL-Class 320 350 450 550: Air Suspension Kits - Amazon. to avoid this happen again always park your car with the front wheels looking straight. The Benz The steering locked up can't move wheels or start it migration_bas3636 Sep 21, 2013 at 08:56 PM about the 1997 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C 280 Sedan. For background information on how anti-lock brakes work, click here. . 2008 Mercedes C Seat Front from SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND 20906 "I only need the driver seat track, but would also like to know if you have both front seats of a 2008 C63 AMG and the AMG steering wheel. First we will show you where to the fuse box are located on your E Class. . (Move steering wheel sharpy back and forth while trying to get key to turn also may work. It breaks when someone grabs it to hoist themselves onto the tractor, instead of the supplied hand holds. Step 5 Turn the steering wheel again. Installation 1. Like I said it does take away the stiff steering sometimes if I do back up. Sorry for the slow mo! Find great deals on eBay for mercedes steering lock. If the steering feels loose, you should also inspect the outer tie rod ends, steering input shaft coupling, rack mounts and front wheel bearings before adjusting or replacing anything. Maxima key wont turn? If a key won't turn in a Maxima vehicle trying the hold and jigglemethod usually allows it to turn. Nothing seems to work. Dempsey Steve Vernon13/11/2013 · My car won't start, it says to remove my key - I have a 2008 C300 and new battery was placed last year, October. The GL-Class 3. Fast Eddie fixing and breaking cars for over 50 years. Sometimes you have to do that a few times and by turning the steering wheel right to left a few times as you turn the key. Anybody have any ideas? How-To Videos. You can’t turn the key. Tried forcing the. Pulling or pushing it toward or away from you. i also had got a new starter. Would the Mercedes be si24/08/2014 · my introduction to the ABC system. The Mercedes E320 Steering Rack unites the rod to the pinion in your vehicle's rack-and-pinion steering system. Sponsored Links My 2003 c230 steering wheel adjustment will not lock, how can get to the mechanism to repair this? what parts will I - Answered by a verified Mercedes Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Mercedes Optical Key Malfunction Wont Turn / Stuck - Cleaning & Repair Procedure Add Benz key with BGA keys with VVDI tool Don't Wait Until Your Mercedes Ignition Switch or Lock Fails-FIX IT! Full procedure how to reset service light indicator Mercedes SLK 230 Kompressor (170. Move the steering wheel to the desired level. The steering rack is the key part of the steering make-up and is part of the rack and pinion. 1) Wires are short, access back of control. mercedes steering wheel wont lock They claim the ignition switch,lock,and column need to be replaced. They claim the ignition switch,lock,and column need to be replaced. There is a metal band that I believe goes to the steering wheel lock assembly. This sensor has a value of about 1. STEERING WHEEL. My key will Mercedes Benz Electronic Steering Lock – Step by Step - ESL Repair and Steering Wheel Dismantle. (2) push the car a bit. Autoblog brings you automotive news; expert reviews of cars, trucks, crossovers and SUVs; and pictures and video. The key should turn now. my car still wont start, i was told that Buy Carbon Black SLS AMG Mercedes Benz Car For Kids, 12V Powered Kids Ride On Car, Leather Seat, LED Lights, Parental Remote, Built-in LCD Dashboard, Stroller Subscribe now and save, give a gift subscription or get help with an existing subscription. Loosen sealing nut and back out adjusting screw 1 inch past the end of the sealing nut. com FREE DELIVERY 12/08/2010 · All Wheel Steer feed back John Deere Garden John Deere Garden Looking to update the wife's lawn tractor a Bolens QT16. To find out what we’ve ranked as the best steering wheel lock for a specific category choose one of the topics below. [ COMMON FAULT ON: W212 (E-class), W204 (C-class) ] =-=-=-=-=-=- We can  mercedes benz - Automatic car won't start, steering wheel won't mechanics. This will help unlock the steering pin in vehicles that have power steering. It was not a steering wheel/anti-theft lock bind issue. For certain display messages, a warning tone or a continuous tone will also sound. If the rod comes loose or breaks the wheel won't lock. If your car is leaking power steering fluid, time is critical. SPONSORED LINKS You insert the key in the ignition of your Mercedes-Benz, but nothing happens. It may be damaged. My price is $1208. The steering wheel doesn't lock when The steering locked up can't move wheels or start it migration_bas3636 Sep 21, 2013 at 08:56 PM about the 1997 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C 280 Sedan. It is generally separate from the belt that drives the water pump and alternator , but it may drive other components as well as the power-steering pump . As a result, you can dial in a small steering angle either direction and it'll just stay there rather than returning to centre. When pu the key in it tells me to remove Unanswered Problems (988) Can you help to clear up these unsolved auto problems?SPONSORED LINKS Fuses on Mercedes Benz E Class W210 are located in several locations. brought the car directly to dealership and i was quoted $1018 for the steering wheel lock. Research and compare vehicles, find local dealers My disco 4. 1) Gently remove control from steering wheel. Watch Mercedes-Benz Seat Memory Owners Video for instructions to learn how your vehicle seat memory can memorize your personal seat, wheel and mirror positions with one button on the seat control panel. Switching convenience interior lighting on/off. The 2003 Mercedes-Benz C230 has 1 problems reported for steering lock. " 1997 Mercedes E Headlamp Door / Cover from WINFIELD, ILLINOIS 60190 The Mercedes-Benz CLK comes in coupe and convertible body styles. With the tool this is easy. 1976 thru 1985: A Used steering wheel, good condition no damage, slight deterioration due to age. Usually you can't turn it to far (the steering wheel) so what you had to do was turn the wheel to one side while trying to turn the ignition, then turn the other direction while trying to turn the ignition. Even though Im a simracer used to 900 degrees of lock, you rarely use more than 270 in sims as well, because of understeer/wheel scrubbing. If the door is locked, the key will move the lock about halfway up, but the door still remains locked from the outside. at full lock (holding steering wheel firmly) after a few seconds you will fell the electric motor via program turn the steering wheel off of lock this is normal to PREVENT overheat of the electric motor used to assist steering. In the affected vehicles, improperly manufactured lock nuts may have been used on the rear wheel tie rod connection, and as a result, the rear wheel alignment may change and the rear axle may steer independently. I. 0L BlueTEC, include superior acceleration, improved steering, and increased traction and stability. ) Adjust the steering wheel by: Tilting it up or down. Car steering wheels can lock up for a variety of. There are 166 complaints filed for the 2010 MERCEDES GLK350. Steering system reset typically involves resetting the steering angle sensor, but on some vehicles, torque angle, yaw rate and other steering-related sensors are Remove steering wheel, this would be a good time to disconnect the battery as well. These problems includes information received by NHTSA from consumers either directly or as recorded by the Vehicle Safety Hotline. If the key won’t turn in the ignition, it could be for a couple of reasons: Often this happens when the steering is locked by the ignition lock with the front wheels turned aside or when one of the front wheels is pushed against something. Turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction until the other side axle stop is contacted. The seats can be synchronised in the same way by moving them to their limits. Many times, the wheel turns to just the appropriate position to keep your car key from being unable to engage the steering wheel lock. Applies to all Mercedes from the early 1960's to the mid 1990's Dear Members, As the title says, W204 C class failed to start. To fix your problem, you have to turn the steering wheel either to the left or right as much as you can, then try to turn the key in the ignition. TILT STEERING WHEEL 111K MILES!!!****has all basic Power Options Runs and Drives Excellent this is a very clean truck inside and out you wont be Disappointed when steering problem Thanks gatorpop, I think it's probably connected to the 4 wheel drive in some wayeven though I don't switch to 2 wheel drive afterward. In all seriousness its a steering lock, on my old hand me down car I learned to drive in this was an issue an 89' Celica. Grab the steering wheel and turn it away from the lock (just a little is ok) to relieve the pressure and try to turn the key. Spray the inside of the key lock with pressurized air spray to loosen any dirt and debris inside the key lock. You will have to use the original key for the doors, trunk, etc. my key will not turn in the ignition of my 2002 mercedes s430 4 Answers. STEERING WHEEL LOCKED, WON'T GO TO. The steering feels "tight" compared to my saloon. The failure progressed and the dealer was unable to duplicate the failure. You can’t start the car. Try turning the steering wheel and key at the same time. Shop safely with us online or call 888-844-3393 and buy the quality part your car or truck needs today. As I know there no diy or instruction for the steering lock remove for now so I will take the picture and help people like me wont have to pay thousand What is the current stance by Mercedes Benz in regards to the continued disregard in addressing the steering lock issues experienced by W204 owners. Steering whell is locked, I tried to turn it as far as I dared. If you google my Mercedes Benz C300 wont turn over. If I wiggle the key for sometimes as long as 30 seconds then it will un-lock the ignition switch and act normal till I turn it off and take the key out. While attempting to start my vehicle from a parked state. We've been looking at the all wheel steer tractors. key turns but no crank. if you imagine driving at 70mph and then you A VERY CLEAN EXAMPLE OF A MERCEDES E-CLASS WITH A SUPERB SPECIFICATION AND LOADS OF SERVICE HISTORY, THIS CAR WONT BE AROUND VERY LONG SO BE QUICK!!1 12 months MOT, Full service history, Excellent bodywork, Black Full leather interior - Excellent Condition, Tyre condition Excellent, Silver, FSH,Finance Available, Drive away today, £4,295 A smart key is an electronic access and authorization system that is available either as standard equipment or as an option in several car models. Sorry for the slow mo! Tl the contact owns a 2009 mercedes-benz C300. 2nd - Remove the steering wheel lock plate by using the lock plate puller tool to press the lock plate down; then remove the retaining ring. Lock the steering wheel once you’re satisfied with its new I just followed your instructions, but I ran into a snag putting it back together. NOTE: Ignition lock tumblers with key are "lock undefined". You my car had locked, stearing wheel, my key wouldent turn. If you park on a hill with the wheel turned, you've bound the anti-theft part of the steering wheel against the lock. The benefits of driving a 4 wheel drive vehicle, such as this Mercedes-Benz GL-Class 3. Turn the wheel first to take pressure off of the lock, then turn the key. 18 Jul 2018 Key will not turn ignition, steering wheel is not locked. How to isolate and repair a sticking ignition key problem along with tips to prevent getting stranded with a key that won't turn. Best Answer: Your steering wheel could be locked. I was told to watch for oil drops, antifreeze etc Steering wheel paddle shifters You can restrict or derestrict the shift range by using the steering wheel paddle shifters 1 and 2. A Step 3 Pull hard on the steering wheel while turning it in both directions. Manual Reset Turn key in steering lock to position 2. DIY steering wheel radio controls. Nothing. This problem is common. Worn Pitman Arm: A pitman arm is only present in vehicles with recirculating-ball steering. On Cadillacs and other GM vehicles with Stabilitrak, some steering position sensors have alignment marks that must be aligned BEFORE the sensor is removed. Then the fun realy starts red warning Transmission Cutaway Let's face it, transmissions can be tricky. Models affected: Mercedes Sprinter W906 M. it is parked on a slight incline. Freaked me out! So now my wheel won't lock in place. the key out of the lock by. You can put pressure on the steering wheel and also try shaking the steering wheel. The long thin bit you see poking out at 90 degrees is the bit that fastens to the steering column and the shiny bit at the very end that looks like a kind of wedge is the steering lock pin. If you have to drill out and force remove jammed steering lock you will end up needing a complete new assembly that includes the steel black tumbler cap ring. Pull the lever up to lock the steering wheel in place. 1) Squeeze trigger on side of connector into connector to release and remove control from steering wheel. To turn the light off, start the engine and turn the steering wheel from lock to lock until the yellow triangle (ESP light) on the instrument cluster is gone. This 328xi also has Comfort Access Keyless Entry and Ignition which lets you keep your key in your pocket and still lock/unlock the and drive the car and the Cold Weather Package! It has a Heated Steering Wheel, Heated Front Seats and even Heated Rear Seats! If you have never had a heated steering wheel or heated seats before you are in for a The U. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is generally recognized as the first mass-produced car with keyless ignition, followed by models from Acura, Cadillac, Lexus and Rolls-Royce. e, when you take your key out of the ignition and turn the steering wheel, it is this pin which you hear "click" as it springs into it's little hole in Except that simply losing power shouldn’t cause the steering wheel lock to engage. The steering wheel will remain locked until you are able to turn a key in the ignition lock. My key wont turn the sterring wheel is locked the brakes are locked. The steering would also sporadically become tight when attempting a sharp turn. SPONSORED LINKS You insert the key in the ignition of your Mercedes-Benz, but nothing happens. Home / Questions / Mercedes-Benz / C-Class / When I turn the steering wheel any direction it makes a sound. The vehicle doesn't lock with key remote. Install the 2 vacuum lines back on the lock assembly. The mercedes dealership shop close to me says i might need a new ignition. My Key Won’t Turn Ignition Mercedes-Benz Problem. When this happens, I have to force the steering wheel real hard (left or right) as I force the key, then something gives and I can start the car and all works well. Diagnosis revealed a steering lock issue. L. my local dealer changed steering wjeel's column (under warranty). As I know there no diy or instruction for the steering lock remove for now so I will take the picture and help people like me wont have to pay thousand Your vehicle has a steering lock. Can I change the switch and steering lock/cylinder easily or an I -steering wheel stuck in lock position-central locking not operating from remote. My disco 4 has only done 1500 miles when things started going wrong,the service warning came up on the computer. If they don't line up usually moving the wheel slightly solves the issue. Nrg 320 Sniper Steering Wheel Carbon Spoke170 Hub2. The steering system converts the rotation of your steering wheel into a swiveling movement of the wheels. Release the steering wheel and shut off the engine. The factory does this, so if you mark the wheel before removal, you can maintain that coordination between the steering wheel and the steering gear. When the vehicle experiences power steering problems, it can be extremely tough to turn the wheel, and in some cases, the vehicle experiences complete steering lock-up. You can get it from Mercedes dealer. Working with the power steering system, steering racks become damaged over time simply because of usage. As soon as the vehicle shows any signs of steering problems, it needs to be diagnosed by the driver or a professional mechanic. I've never had a steering column completely apart, though I've had to pull the steering wheel to replace the blinker assembly. Its operation was similar to other tilt wheels, except a second, small lever on the left side of the column was pulled toward the steering wheel to release the lock to adjust the steering wheel. I purchased a new ignition lock cylinder, but cannot find instructions on how to change the part. NOTE: If you turned the wheel to the right to engage the lock, you must turn the wheel slightly to the right to disengage it. This canI couldn't get the car out of park, the steering wheel never locked and I eventually had to get to get the car towed. Lock like something prevent the steering wheel so the key not working . i bought a new ignition lock cylinder. As key and electronic steering column lock are parts operating on every cycle of ignition they do wear out en eventually fail. As Bruce said, do not try to fix this yourself. I try to find the electronic steering lock but can’t see it because it was hide deep the back of the steering column. A good way to do this is to drive the car on full-steering-lock 25/01/2010 · Mercedes C Class and E Class BlueEfficiency models (OM651) seem to be afflicted with an injector problem which Mercedes are struggling to resolve. From irregular servicing, lack of fluid oil to low tyre pressure or bad wheel alignment, any of these could be the cause. Not the best but I did what I could. The worst case scenario is the actual ignition lock on the steering wheel column can fail and can cost hundreds to fix but this is rare. Then the fun realy starts red warning Autoblog brings you automotive news; expert reviews of cars, trucks, crossovers and SUVs; and pictures and video. In some cases, the vehicle’s lock tumblers are frozen solid resulting in a locked steering wheel. After replacing a power steering pump or pressure hose, it’s always a good plan to flush and bleed the power steering system of air. The Stealership (Mercedes) Charges R11 000+ to have this repaired and you have to I have 1983 Mercedes 300sd and my steering wheel is locked and I cant turn the key. This protects your vehicle from probable theft of being able to steer your vehicle by hotwiring it. best answer: the best way to find out is to lift the front end of the car onto axle stands then turn the wheel with your hands and look for where the noise comes from. The lock was created to prevent auto thieves from being able to start the vehicle. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates fuel consumption for the rear-wheel-drive setup at 23 miles per gallon in the city and 30 mpg on the highway. Hey Guys, As the title says. You would need to remove the lock and the Electronic Ignition Switch (EIS) plus one key and sent it to us for repair. O. The ASWC-1 adapter from Axxess allows you to connect your vehicle's steering wheel controls to almost any brand of aftermarket stereo, including Alpine, Clarion, JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer, Sony, and more. Check the Battery Depending on your car, your Key Stuck in the Ignition if the battery is dead. A squeaking sound that happens when the steering wheel is turned is likely to be something faulty in the power steering system. Binding, Darting and Oversteer Binding is a change or increase in steering wheel effort. With steering lock housing removed from jacket tubing, ignition switch can now be removed from rear of steering lock housing by removing 3 retaining screws. It is important that the steering gear be centered internally in the box when it is adjusted for play, and to ensure equal lock angles to each side. When im driving down the road it acts as it should, even in turnes. Between the steering wheel and the pinion gear in the rack, which is the gear that translates the rotation of the steering shaft to the horizontal movement in the rack, a coupling is required. A couple of weeks later I had a strange occurrence. I know one solution it to not let the steering wheel lock, but I am too tall for that to be an esay accomplishment when getting out of the car. 2006-2013. The wafers in the ignition lock wear and can cause that problem. Pull hard on the steering wheel (about 40lbs. I tried the "banging on the steering lock mechanism" trick and it did work, so I was able to get the car home. 2. and may ensure that your steering wheel won't lock. On some of the older Mercedes applications, the steering angle sensor is initialized by turning the ignition to RUN, and rotating the steering wheel lock to lock. of rim pull on a 20-inch diameter wheel) N. my old key worked perfect. The Stealership (Mercedes) Charges R11 000+ to have this repaired and you have to have your vehicle towed to them. Step by step guide on how to repair an ignition key switch that wont turn, this guide pertains to most vehicles. to verify that the steering wheel control wires we list are correct. with 1998 Mercedes-Benz CLK. Within 4 seconds press button (1) left of speedometer twice. Visit the post for more. Put your hand on the steering wheel and turn it in both directions while trying to turn the ignition switch. Focusing on steering wheel lock plate remover for sale this week. My 2002 ml 320 went to the dealer. In my case I loaned the tractor to a contractor who was doing some work here and he broke it. This is the only thing I can think of that would stop a car from starting by just playing with the key and steering wheel. If the noise is louder on one wheel, you may have a damaged joint. Put the clamp back on the steering column but don't tighten yet. If im sitting still and turn my steering wheel I get a pretty good vibration thats rather loud. Warnings, malfunctions or additional information may also be shown in the display. With the Lincoln redesign of 1966, the adjustable column was dropped in favor of a typical Tilt Steering Wheel. In other words, if you choose to re-use the lock assembly, and just install a new tumbler and key, the steering wheel may not lock when the key is removed. MERCEDES VITO 2004 Spare Parts , fully guaranteed at discount prices. com. Steering Wheel 230, 240D,TD, 280E,CE, 300D,TD. Note that I found LOTS of posts that said that the lock cylinder was the problem. My 2002 mercedes C240 won't start. Do the keyless models have an equivalent to the steering wheel lock where you can't turn the key without fiddling with the steering wheel? That would be quite confusing as there is no "key not turning" feedback with just a start button. M. WD 40 can be sprayed into the lock cylinder and then the key inserted and rocked back in forth gently to try to loosen the tumblers. I tried various lock and unlock situations and can not unlock the wheel and turn the key. To date, the instances and complaints filed by Mercedes owners of being subjected to the exuberant cost to fix an obvious design flaw which cost in excess of $1000. You may hear a moan or whine when you turn the wheel. When you feel the steering wheel wanting to spring back you have turned hard enough, do not turn the wheel too hard, turn the key with normal pressure (Do not force key). At this time I had a little wiggle in the steering wheel. Bridge water NJ, Mercedes just called me saying it's my steering wheel lock has failed and not ready the key shutting everything down. Comments: Tried that, and tried with turning the steering wheel, tried jacking the car up and moving the tires. ESP: On all newer vehicles and most older ones, the ESP light will illuminate if the steering angle sensor has lost its positioning. Step 4 Release the parking brake and put the transmission in neutral. I thought it was my key or the tumbler but recently I have been getting it to start by moving the steering wheel towards one side or the other. 5. Mercedes Electronic Steering Lock (ESL) Recoding And Fault Repair Service [Quotation Based] Suitable for Mercedes-Benz ESL: W203 / W204 / W207 / W212. Remove lock plate. 0:1 to as high as 24. 3 mo warranty. In this day and age although many cars have alarms, any extra security is welcome, I certainly recommend this one. KEY WON'T TURN TO START CAR. You wont get a better deal! Come in and drive off in it today! This unit is ready to go!!! OPTIONS 4 Door Cab Air Conditioning CD Player Cruise Control Power Brakes Power Driver Power Lock Power Mirrors Power Steering Power Windows Power Windows Rear Tail/Lift Gate Side Airbag Left Front Steering Wheel Audio Control Tilt Wheel Trip Computer Se Door wont lock with key Key fits and turns side to side fine, but doesn't seem to move the locking mechanism. By manually holding the steering wheel out of the lock position, the key will turn again and you're steering column will be back to normal. The contact stated that the steering wheel failed to unlock. You’d have to turn the key all the way back to OFF/LOCK for the steering lock to engage. PRND displays a rectangle to the right not on the P. try moving the steering wheel as you try to turn the key. Remove the keys from the ignition and move the steering wheel slightly in either direction until the steering lock engages. The first time the steering wheel moved to the left to pass a slower car felt a little unreal, but knowing I could at any time take hold of the wheel or press the brake pedal to regain control was This steering wheel security lock is a fantastic, solid, well made item, unlike previous ones that I have tried that seemed very light and flimsy. In such cases, a yellow check control warning (CC ID# 187) is shown in the instrument cluster, but no faults are stored. Within 10 seconds, turn key in steering wheel lock to position 0. Sometimes, the anti-theft system locks the steering wheel and does not let the key turn inside the slot. 0:1, requiring a full four to five turns of the steering wheel to complete their range from lock to lock (wheels locked from the extreme right to the extreme left). Pull the tilt/telescopic lock lever down. Mercedes Benz Electronic Steering Lock – Step by Step - ESL Repair and Steering Wheel Dismantle. 068). Remove Advertisements. For example, a SLK320 R170 needed new wheel bearings at 90,000 miles. the ignition key and steering lock are all in one place (part) if the steering wheel wont unlock the operators guide shows what to do. A week ago my Mercedes c230 W123 is the internal chassis-designation Mercedes-Benz used for their executive line of cars, manufactured between 1976 and 1985. How To Unlock Lock The Steering Wheel Of A Car You 3 clear and easy ways to fix a locked steering wheel wikihow how to unlock steering wheel 2 best quick and effective diy methods what to do when your car key won t turn in the ignition tip of the week dealing with a locked steering wheel you The steering wheel will spin, the steering lock isnt locking the wheel. See our lock and tumbler installation kit below for early 123 chassis (pre-assembled for you) We have new steering lock assemblies on our website for most models from 1973 to 1991. 34 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Includes FCP's Lifetime Warranty & Unlimited 365 Day Returns. It was first developed by Siemens in 1995 and introduced by Mercedes-Benz under the name "Key-less Go" in 1998 on the W220 S-Class , after the design patent was filed by Daimler-Benz on May 17, 1997. How to reset service light indicator Mercedes SL 500 (129. Mercedes R230 Sl-class Key Set Lock Set Driver Front Door Trunk Lock Glovebox Partsgrant Wood Steering Wheel Mercedes Sl Slccar Interior Cleaning Services At times, the steering wheel position locks the ignition, so simply turning the wheel may let you take your key out of the ignition. Now please note that more expensive models like S class, CL class, ML class dont even have a steering lock from the factory. S. The steering wheel is locked and I can't turn the key. For a short term method, some have found that a 'light' tap with a hammer on the end of the key driving it into the lock, ,remember, I said LIGHT,will sometimes get the key to work. The pitman arm connects a gear attached to the steering wheel to the steering rack itself. NOISE Unlock your steering column (the lever under the steering) and abruptly move the steering wheel all the way up and down several times while hitting the push-start button once to ACC. You can only change gear with the steering wheel paddle shifters when the transmission is in position D. B. Car Lock, Car Steering Wheel Lock Universal Vehicle Truck Van SUV Auto Adjustable Anti-Theft Locking Heavy Duty Safety Hammer Self-defense Handy Tool With Emergency Hammer Window Breaker and 3 Keys Does your vehicle have a problem with the Electronic Streering lock?The Symptoms of this is:Car will unlockWhen you put the key in the ignition no lights will come on at all. The steering column lock is a security feature Very simple, took me like 20 mins to fix. For most power steering-equipped vehicles, this is a simple process. As compared to cheaper options like Hyundai, Honda or Ford? For example compare: Mercedes C180 Kompressor (2008) to Honda Civic (2008). The new part will no longer lock the steering column, but that's not a big deal for me. This will match the notch on the cover and the lock. includes horn mechanism and emblem. the BMW device is attempt at finding the Holy Grail of Motoring Steering. It is a. As you do this insert the key into the ignition and try to turn the key. Contributed by: Keith Burrell. A vehicle with worn tie rods may also squeak as the steering wheel is turned and be out of alignment. The dealer claims fault 15 at the switch?They want 2,000 for repairs. The ELV (Electric Steering Lock) warning is shown in the ­Instrument Cluster. process has begun. Below is a list of complaints & problems filed against the 2010 MERCEDES GLK350. I have 1983 Mercedes 300sd and my steering wheel is locked and I cant turn the key. 449). 1st - Remove the steering wheel by loosening the nut under the horn button; then use a steering wheel puller to pull the steering wheel off of the splined hub. I am pretty sure it is one of the first areas on reassembly. We require all 3 components to be sent in so we can test full functionality of the ESL, EIS and the key. High Quality Genuine & OEM Mercedes-Benz parts. (1) there is a transmission lock notch next to the shifter. mercedes steering wheel wont lockJan 12, 2016 I assume that you are referring to your steering wheel not locking in position after you stop the vehicle and take out the key? There are several possible reasons Oct 12, 2016 This particular vehicle is a 2010 Mercedes E200 W212 chassis. It sounds like something in the colu Sprinter Spares, a Division of First Auto Parts Plus supplies and fits new,used and reconditioned spare parts, inclding Sprinter engines, gearbox, Sprinter brakes and fuel injection for Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans throughout Australia. If the car is front wheel drive, check the constant velocity (CV) joint. The following tables show all the display messages. 3. We checked all the fuses, we unhooked the battery, jumped the battery, reset the key, tried turning the steering wheel with the key. Pull hard on the steering wheel while turning it in both directions. The present status for days or distance displays, within 10 seconds turn key in steering lock to position O. Inserted the key and it will not turn. 2003 Mercedes-Benz CL55 AMG No Start, No Sound, No Crank when you turn the key in the ignition: • Not enough turns lock to lock 3. If you hear a winding nose your steering-lock is free and should start the carcontinue starting the car. e. The Symptoms of this is: Car will unlockWhen you put the key in the ignition no lights will come on at all. Never any issues with the key at all. otherwise the seering wheel may lock so when you will enter the next time the "key" it'll be under tension unlocking the system by force. No power steering is a big pain. stackexchange. Doing motor mounts, lower rad hose, and wheel bearings (MB parts $280). not alone in this area others do this to honda,bmw,mazda,mercedes these are some 4MATIC all-wheel drive option. Standard Features & Options. if it doesn't work, you will have to remove and replace the steering lock. Average repair cost is $500 at 88,250 miles. (3) disengage the steering wheel adjustment lever under the steering wheel. !!" Mine freely moves up and down regardless whether I've pushed in the My 2002 ml 320 went to the dealer. Whether you are from Charlotte, Matthews, Huntersville, and Rock Hill, NC, we hope you will give us a chance to show why Felix Sabates Mercedes-Benz of South Charlotte Mercedes-Benz of Pineville, North Carolina is the one of the best Mercedes-Benz dealers selling and servicing 2013 Ford Mustang Coupe GT Premium in the Charlotte, area An ignition key lock cylinder is an essential feature on most vehicles, and if happens to stop working properly or at all, you will probably have a hard time starting or driving your car, or not be able to do so at all. 2007 Mercedes steering wheel locked will start up try to move the wheel tried both set of keys it has done this two times before and I got the wheel loose but not this time … read more Marty Rebuilding the steering lock with new hardware is possible if no fatal errors are logged on the processor inside. A well designed power steering fluid reservoir should have these features: • The tank must be vented (i. It is also omitted in the late models C and E class, so indirectly Mercedes has admitted that it is more or less a hoax. Within the W123 chassis, as it typical for Mercedes of the era, cars were named after their engine size, fuel type, and chassis sub-type. The vehilcle beeps when key is removed until door is closed. Regarding the steering wheel adjustment, slide lever down, it will lock in the down position, push/pull the wheel till its adjusted to suit, push lever down this will release it and it will go back to the lock position. 067, 129. Shop with confidence. We did this. The lever moves in and out - Answered by a verified Mercedes Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Key would only insert about 1/4 inch into ignition switch. you wiggle the steering, as you wiggle the key to unlock. Do I need to change the rotor? I just passed my road test in nj and have to go the dmv to get my license. 2005 c230 manual tilt/telescopic steering wheel won't lock. If you are reusing the original lock assembly just get it close, but now the steering wheel may or may not lock. Let up on the foot pedal just enough to rock the car slightly. Theres plenty of assistance, but its as though something is applying friction to the steering wheel as it turns. Jul 18, 2018 Key will not turn ignition, steering wheel is not locked. steering wheel question off the steering wheel will lock into position. Difficulty Scale: 3 of 10. i faced the same problem about 6 months ago. This complex system starts at the steering wheel, and includes a column, steering gear, and the steering linkage, which acts on the wheels and tires to turn your car or truck. RSVP. 10 product ratings - Quality ESL ELV Motor Steering Lock Wheel Motor for Mercedes Benz W204 W207 W212 $11. Try wiggeling the key in the ignition lock while turning the steering wheel both directions, CCW and CW. I ended up pulling out the ignition/steering lock module. The steering wheel felt loose and turned completely to the right but the car didn't turn. They require few tools, if any, to execute, and may ensure that your steering wheel won't lock up again. It is possible to take this off with C-Clamps, Large Channel locks, etc. Get true Snap-on reliability, support and all the coverage you need, right here. I was turning right at about 30km per hour in a very slight down hill and it had rained lightly about 10 minutes before. Most dealers will say it's either Electronic Ignition Switch (EIS) or Electronic Steering Lock (ESL) fault, some will insist on changing both units, and maybe the keys depending on condition. In comparison to racing sims with high rotation, you actually use full lock in these games pretty much all the time (atleast you have to to be quick). I have the proper power steering fluid in the resavour. Also, make sure the steering turns lock to lock without binding after the adjustment has been made. Shop Wheel Hubs, Bearings, and Components at AutoPartsWarehouse. Pry off plastic cover: 3. Switch ignition on and immediately press knob to left of speedometer twice within 1 second. The all-wheel-drive 4Matic version returns 23 mpg city/29 mpg hwy. In 1998, Mercedes-Benz reintroduced the 4Matic all-wheel drive system in the US on the W210, although it was previously available in some European territories. My 2002 ml 320 went to the dealer. If you find an error, please notify our Axxess Tech department at 1-800-253-TECH. Although this 4Matic system shares its name with the 90's 4MATIC system of the W124 300E, the system was totally redesigned and simplified. you need to put the key in run. An ignition lock assembly is the terminology used to describe the combination of the keyed cylinder, electrical switches and steering wheel lock mechanism. Electronic steering lock problem. My car is making a different brake noise after the rotor was turned: the mechanic put the rotor on a machine. (yank wheel hard ) While wheel bearing should generally last over 150,000 miles we have seen Mercedes-Benz cars that needed new wheel bearings at 100,000 miles or less. A steering wheel lock can be a huge deterrent. Inspected closely and found that there was a white plastic piece inside the key slot blocking about half of the key slot, preventing key entry. Inspected for quality and proper operation. What you must do is grind the pin below the surface of the steering column. monitor reactivated Turn the key to position 2 in the ignition The tire pressure monitor activation lock. Open the tab and use a key or something to push it down and shift the car to neutral. It is a metal band that resembles the smile on a smiley face about 3/4 – 1 " across. Mercedes SLK 350 2012: Bad burning like smell entering car below steering wheel. How does the electric steering column lock work? Known an ESCL short, this part has the objective to protect the vehicle being started and locking the steering wheel in the absence of a correct signal received from Electronic Tl the contact owns a 2009 mercedes-benz C300. You're almost enjoying a long drive on a nice, flat interstate. When you turn off your key, a rod engages a toothed gear wheel in your steering column, locking the wheel. I got Mercedes Benz C300 2010 in less than 6 months, the vehicle developed power steering lock issue; the vehicle will not start and got me stranded in a parking lot of a grocery store. Turning the steering wheel lock to lock several times will remove any unwanted air in there. Please be in the vehicle, parked, The belt that drives a power-steering hydraulic-fluid pump is usually at the front of the engine, turned by a pulley on the crankshaft. power steering issues) are the power steering fluid reservoir and the power steering plumbing – namely the pump suction line. Cause #1: The steering column is held against the steering lock because of torque from the steering gear. You wont get a better deal! Come and check it out!! Come in and drive off in it today! This unit is ready to go!!! OPTIONS Air Conditioning Anti-Lock Brakes CD Player Cruise Control Independent Climate Control Power Brakes Power Driver Seat Power Lock Power Mirrors Power Steering Power Windows Rear Defroster Steering Wheel Audio Control Steering Wheel Wont Lock And Car Start November 24, 2018 admin 0 Comment Image titled fix a locked steering wheel step 4 how to fix car truck or van ignition lock when can t turn wheel key doesn you Buy Steering Wheel Height Adjustment Lever OE NEW: Transmission & Drive Train - Amazon. If the lock is locked on, some will insist on replacing the complete steering column! Solutions. I tried moving the wheel, press brakes and turn shift from park to every drive pushing the car and trying to turn nothing helped. This is a Repair and Return service for the Electronic Steering Lock (ESL). This means the key will only work the ignition. If your steering wheel is hard to turn only when you first start the car but progressively gets better, then the steering rack is probably damaged. Your vehicle can memorize the seat settings, vent the interior before you enter and communicate with your garage door opener. Power Steering Stop Leak on Mercedes Benz C320 W203 2000 year. 1999-2002 MERCEDES-BENZ E320 ~ STEERING LOCK CABLE ~ OEM PART See more like this New Listing Genuine Steering Column Lock fits 1990-1995 Mercedes-Benz 190E 300D 300E,300TE (Fits: E320) Price is for 1 - adjust qty as needed. 1) Gently pry around edge of steering wheel controls to release. The car's Mercedes E320 Steering Rack plays an important role in transferring the steering wheel motion into energy that turns the car's tires. Y. The tool compresses the lock plate against it's spring so that you can get the retaining ring off. To install, locate ignition switch locating lug to recess in rear of steering lock housing. It’s important to note that a power steering fluid leak isn’t the only sign of power steering problems. The Mercedes C-class is a line of luxury coupes. For instance, if you p … arked on a hill or in a parking lot and you didn't feel your steering wheel lock after you parked and took the key out of the ignition. Replace steering lock. This assembly is purchased and replaced as a unit and is found at all automotive part stores, or dealerships. 4. The vehicle was towed to mercedes-benz of wesley chapel (2383 willow oak dr, wesley chapel, FL) where it was diagnosed that the steering lock assembly needed to be replaced. I think it is related to the security system. Hook up the "key in buzzer" wire. something did release and he was then able to start the vehicle. com/questions/29401/automatic-car-wont-start-steering-wheel-wont-turn-key-just-makes-car-click-eThere's a lot of good answers and discussion about electrical issues and other complicated things, but to me it sounds like the steering lock is Oct 8, 2018 So rather than "Steering Wheels Height adjustment stopped working. The vehicle will not allow me to start the vehicle and my steering wheel is stuck. To synchronise the steering wheel move it fully "up and out" and continue to hold switch for a further 2 seconds, then move it fully "down and in" and continue to hold switch for a further 2 seconds. That’s why Snap-on ® is beefing up European vehicle coverage to give you true OEM-specific coverage on Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, FIAT, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Porsche, SMART, VW and Volvo. Picture below. Do not shake or rock the steering wheel. Steering wheel play is normally caused by worn ball sockets, worn idler arm, or too much clearance in the steering gearbox. I am using 180 or 270 myself. When the car key is taken out of the ignition, this lock clicks into position. This is the device that locks the steering and contains the actual lock cylinder. Best Steering Wheel Locks. As I thought about it later on, 12 Jan 2016 I assume that you are referring to your steering wheel not locking in position after you stop the vehicle and take out the key? There are several possible reasons 26 Jan 2014 I was adjusting my steering wheel today because it felt too low and then I started getting the red error message saying the steering wheel is 12 okt 201621 Dec 2014 C-Class (W203) - Steering column won't lock - Been a while since I've steering column vertical lock when attaching a steering wheel lock bar Mercedes Mechanic say: If the key does not turn in the ignition, try moving the steering wheel as you try to turn the key. 5 K ohms. We carry the most advanced Wheel Hubs, Bearings, and Components from leading manufacturers. It mainly happens when you move the steering wheel after turning off the car. Before rushing to the repair shop, it is advisable to try No Leak to seal any potential power steering fluid leak. [Hint: Don’t do that while moving] (It’s a purely mechanical lock, and doesn’t rely on the electrical system) About half of the time when I go to start the car the steering wheel wont unlock (or allow the key to turn) until i try for 2-3 minutes to get it to work. This annoying problem is mostly exclusive to Hondas. Almost, because it's windy and you need to saw the steering wheel back and forth, tacking like a sailboat, to stay in your lane. When I put the key in to start it, sometimes the key won't turn and the steering won't unlock. Adjustable Steering Wheel Note: The steering wheel position can be Turn key in steering lock to position 1 stored in memory together with the or 2 (with the driver's or front seat/head restraint/exterior and inside passenger's door open, the steering rear view mirror positions, see Index. If your steering wheel is not lock then you can save your lock and key. Early 1960s power steering gearboxes were originally manufactured with a wide turn ratio. Free Shipping and available now! See OE cross references for MER-2104620030. The 2017 Mercedes-Benz C300 Coupe ($43,575) comes in one well-equipped trim level. Our owners videos are designed to help you get the most out of your Mercedes-Benz. You need a special tool that has two prong that goes into the two notch. 4310 steering wheel wont lock This may not be very helpful and does not answer your question, but maybe it will help someone. If a locked steering wheel I have a Mercedes-Benz 2000 amg edition. 99 Nrg 320 Sniper L Steering Wheel Bk St Cf S 170h Hub Gen2 Black Release Lock Lb B Here’s the story of his Mercedes W204 steering lock replacement: Bought my car from the auction, run and start fine when I try to move it out of the parking so the tow truck can tow it to my shop. While my car was in the shop, I got the distinct impression the dealer was grasping at straws trying to figure out what 100s of Questions about mercedes-Benz A class and answers Given by lofty25/01/2017 · If the car is front wheel drive, check the constant velocity (CV) joint. When Power Steering Goes Out If there is a problem with this hydraulic system, you’ll know it: Simply turning the steering wheel will take a lot more physical exertion than you’re used to, and driving the car may actually leave you sore. Ignition works, all the functions of the ignition work but the car fails to start. With or without steering lock, stealing the car with a brute force is a non sense. When the steering wheel locks, the key won't turn. Depending on the manufacturer, most were in the area of 16. ★ Buy Mercedes Benz Car Battery - Car Battery Dies If Leave Doors Open Lv 4800 Battery Charger Club Car Automotive Car BatteryIf your car's windshield washer fluid won't spray, here are a few items you can check on before you call the auto repair shop. My key will Nov 27, 2018 Sometimes your vehicle will stop you from being able to turn the key in the ignition and the steering wheel will be locked. Our review gives you a lowdown of the best steering wheel locks, as well as tips on how to prevent car theft and break-ins. Please note the following before buying this service: This is a repair service and not a product that is being offered; The price of this service is under quotation only. 00 to remedy. Got a car repair question? 2CarPros will answer your question for free by providing information that will help solve your problem quickly. We feature a quality array of products at reasonable prices. If you turn the key there will be no change. Some of these issues are more prominent when the vehicle is slowing down; if this is the case, it should Here’s the story of his Mercedes W204 steering lock replacement: Bought my car from the auction, run and start fine when I try to move it out of the parking so the tow truck can tow it to my shop. Mercedes Benz C230 owners have reported 16 steering related problems since 1996. Turn and hold the steering wheel with a constant and even pressure in the direction that it feels springy . Chock at least one front wheel both front and rear, this will assist in maintaining the identical wheel alignment/position of the steering. I believe the key needs to be turned to get the old one out. Fresh inventory, and it wont last long! #WeArePrestige Our mission is to make your convenience our priority with aggressive pricing and the most dynamic inventory! We take all trades including dirt bikes, motorcycles, 4wheelers, boats, jetski's and more! The GLE also has the new corporate steering wheel from the S-Class, with touchpads on each spoke to control various functions. It also depends on if your front The contact owns a 2005 Mercedes ML350. Possible causes for a stiff steering wheel are a loose or damaged power steering belt, low power steering fluid levels, a damaged or leaking power steering rack or a broken power steering pump. Our take on the Axxess ASWC-1 Steering Wheel Control Adapter by Crutchfield's Jon Paul. Dealer wants to charge me $1800 for a problem that many other Mercedes Benz owners are having. We have it all! Here’s the story of his Mercedes W204 steering lock replacement: Bought my car from the auction, run and start fine when I try to move it out of the parking so the tow truck can tow it to my shop. 99 Trending at $12. In this case, try turning the steering wheel left and right while gently jiggling the ignition key – this might help to release the steering lock. You will need to get a new iginition key lock and key. Vehicles without steering wheel buttons. Step 1 - All vehicles have a steering wheel lockout safety device that will not allow the steering wheel to turn when the key is in the "OFF" position. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Comments: I have a 1988 mercedes 190e steering wheel and key ingition is locked what cousre of action do i need to take to solve this problem April 24, 2017 Followup from the Pelican Staff: Try a different key. From years: 2002, 2003, 2004. Another thing that occured at the same time is the steering wheel wont lock when I turn the key off. Common phrases used: • Kickback • Backlash • Bump steer 4. Order your Ignition Lock Cylinder Dorman 924-716 - 1AIMX00183 today at 1AAuto. Both can also be had as seven-seaters. Common issues: steering column lock faulty or faulty key. service tech was able to release / unlock the steering wheel by violently shaking the steering wheel from left to right as if he was trying to break it. All come with a seven-speed automatic transmission that can be shifted manually with buttons on the steering wheel. It's a very complex piece of machinery with more than enough components to keep anSPONSORED LINKS You insert the key in the ignition of your Mercedes-Benz, but nothing happens. 0 Black Releasematt Lock B Nrg 320 - $476. Car steering wheels can lock up for a variety of reasons, but you have a few ways to try to unlock them. Move steering column back to it upright position and secure. Canada and dealer when I bought the car. ) Unlock the steering column by pulling the release lever, either down and away or down and toward you. 2001 Mercedes-Benz SL500 the key won’t turn in the ignition. ask hubby to do that. Now have 178,000 MI and runs great. Tip: Use your trusty multimeter to check continuity through wheel speed sensors. In crewbuses equipped with convenience interior lighting, the central control switch for the rear interior lighting is located between the steering wheel and the ignition lock. Locksmiths are often able to service this function for less than a new car dealer. My steering wheel locked and the key won't turn. MERCEDES ML270 CDI 2001 Spare Parts , fully guaranteed at discount prices. As a first step, GM A Mercedes helper called an engineer and was told that we needed to lock the car, wait four minutes for the system to reboot completely, then get back in and it should work. How to Remove Steering Wheel Controls: 1. Table 1 shows the 7 most common steering problems. A steering wheel lock is engaged when the car is turned off, the transmission is in park and the steering wheel is. Two models are available, distinguished by engine size: CLK350 and CLK550. automaker built the Cruise AV from the ground up, and it designed it from the onset to operate without a driver, steering wheel, pedals or any other form of controls. The steering wheel is stuck in the locked position. So, 2000 crown Vic, replaced power steering pump for a leak about 2 years ago, I only mention this because in that process I became aware of the fact that my car does not have a solenoid on the pump like most others seem to. Get your Steering Wheel Lock Plate Remover today on the inter Here is something I want you to look at. if tires are against the carb, this can be very hard to do. The parts should be in on Friday to be fix. This device that prevents the steering wheel from locking until the key is removed can malfunction. The contact stated there was an abnormal groan coming from the steering wheel when turning. The steering wheel doesn't lock when the key is removed. The car started to turn but then didn't complete the turn and continued straight. I am having a sporadic starting issue. No damaged to front end or steering wheel when at the site. exist for your steering wheel locking There some moments when the steering wheel becomes stiff and hard to turn. I have a 2 door BMW 1995 E36 Coupe . The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's steering (10 problems). The steering wheel doesn't lock when 23 Aug 2018 How To Handle When Your Steering wheels locked up while driving? ignite the car or ignites the car but the steering wheel won't unlock, 13 May 2018 My 2007 SLK 280 R171 steering wheel dropped in my lap while driving. p. It is your responsibility to verify the steering wheel control wires we list are correct with a multimeter. If the stering wheel lock device has engaged, turn the steering wheel hard to the right and then hard to the left as far as possible while … turning the key. However, if the squeaking sounds like it is coming from the front end of the car rather than directly from the steering wheel, it could be related to the suspension. This was a project I undertook so I could control my car stereo using the controls of a Tiptronic steering wheel (I have a six speed transmission). For an even better grip during sporty maneuvers, the grip area on the AMG Performance steering wheel in nappa leather is finished in DINAMICA microfiber. vented cap). Remove ignition key to enable removal of steering lock housing from jacket tubing. Go with cheaper option above first! Main steeler might try to have your life and insist on a fault code read but this will cost you another £60. Steering wheel won't lock. Typically, you shou Id not be able to turn the steering wheel more than 1 1/ 2 inches without causing the front wheels to move. 0L BlueTEC has been lightly driven and there is little to no wear and tear on this vehicle. Don’t settle for an inferior tool. one minute the next it wont the wheel a get stiff then it dont Lofty's Homepage, Mercedes-Benz 'A' Class, Components, Steering components, steering Column problems, Power steering pump problems, Servicing repair The steering wheel must not be turned while the steering coloum is detached from the steering rack or the Clock Spring ( Steering Angle Sensor ) below the steering wheel will be damaged DIY Mercedes W204 Steering wheel lock remove to repair Here’s the story of his Mercedes W204 steering lock replacement: Bought my car from the auction, run and start fine when I try to move it out of the parking so the tow truck can tow it to my shop. To Release The Steering Wheel Lock Insert the key in the ignition, and turn the wheel slightly to the left or right, to disengage the lock. ***Now understand by doing this, you may render the steering lock portion of the assembly null and void. Reported this to M. Any idea what the problem could be? Very simple, took me like 20 mins to fix. 2004 mercedes c240 Franc7s is offline Quote Quick Reply. s. Mercedez-Benz & AMG discussion forum, news, and rumors for owners and enthusiasts of Mercedes vehicles YAHOO NEWS -- October 11, 2010 – Daimler AG said Monday it was recalling about 85,000 Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the United States to prevent a loss of power steering fluid. Steering Wheel Kick Steering Wheel Kick is when the road wheels hit a bump that the steering wheel reacts to. (For the location and operation specific to your vehicle, see your Owner Manuals. Make sure that the steering wheel is securely locked by moving it up and down, and forward and backward. Be aware the wheel is only adjustable for reach and not rake. Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Chevy, Porsche, Volvo. So, my key will not turn while in ignition and the steering wheel is locked. From years: 1997, 1998, 1999. Can I change the switch and steering lock/cylinder easily or an I My 2002 ml 320 went to the dealer. I tried to move the steering wheel while turning the key, but that did not help. Mine broke the same way